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Debit or Credit Card Payment via Paypal on ZamTalk Messenger

Step Follows:

Everyone can use Debit or Credit card here. But for this, you've to make it simple Paypal account and then linked your Debit or Credit card to Paypal account. Then you can make payment with your Debit or Credit card. Steps are below:

1- After registering your simple Paypal account, go to
2- Choose your service, which you want to buy. Click on " Buy now "
3- Then you've to choose, Payment Method. Which will be " Paypal "
4- Then you've to mention your ZamTalk Nickname, which you want to be color and then mention your valid email address
5- Then again on click " Buy now " , It's a final step
6- At the end, you will be redirected to Paypal ZamTalk Communication Payment Gateway Page, There is 2 options:

- Pay with my Paypal account
- and Pay with your debit or credit card

Choose 2nd option, Put your Debit or Credit card information and at the end, Paypal asked Paypal email address and password, then Click on " Pay ". Your payment will be transferred to ZamTalk Communication successfully!